2014’s TOP TEN POSTS (SO FAR!) on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

Posted on December 12, 2014

We’re drawing closer to the END of 2014.  WHERE ON EARTH DID 2014 GO?!

We’ve had an amazing 2014 with you all on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!!  As always, we love to read what you LOVE to READ, so obviously we love to see what you love on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!  Here’s the top ten posts over 2014 to date (not like there’s much left of it), starting with the #10 most read post!

2014’s #10 post:
Not ALL SHOWS Have Monster Production Budgets…  HERE’S BROTHERS GOW!


Post #9 of 2014:
NEXUS and One Direction on Good Morning America!


Post #8 of 2014:
Lady Gaga + NEXUS + SXSW = WIN


Post #7 of 2014:
Do YOU Know How to Coil Cables…  CORRECTLY?!


#6 of 2014:
Got A Case of the Mondays?  How About Some Awesome Grooves?!


#5 of 2014:
Hump Day Funky:  Stevie Wonder Playing “Superstition” on Sesame Street!


#4 of 2014:
Beyonce, Jay-Z, The Grammy Awards, and NEXUS 4×4!!!

Photo courtesy of, All Rights Reserved

Photo courtesy of, All Rights Reserved

#3 of 2014:
Creating Content for Video Walls, Part 1


#2 of 2014:
Ovation LED Fixtures That Dim on Traditional Conventional Dimming!


…and the NUMBER ONE POST of 2014:
Cat West, Lighting Director for KASKADE, ROCKS the Star Wars Dress!


Let’s make 2015 an AMAZING year together!!!!