Coachella 2024: BTS at Peso Pluma 

Posted on May 24, 2024

Meet the LDs who designed and programmed Peso Pluma’s show at this year’s Coachella.

Watch the full interview with Marcus Jessup, Lighting Designer

“This year, for Peso, as a reggaeton artist, we wanted to create different moments throughout the show to make it special. Being able to use our Color STRIKE M strobes in both our grid and our floor package created a great complement.

“I was definitely looking for a hybrid fixture to start with to go along with this design.  Maverick Storm 1 Hybrid has great output and I really enjoy the color mixing it provides. We wanted something super punchy and super bright for the fifty dancers we have on stage.  

“I’m very happy with the fixture selection and look forward to using them again in the future.”

Watch the full interview with Eliot Jessep, Lighting Designer

“When we were programming this show, the idea was to be quite theatrical.  We’re telling quite a story with this.

Color STRIKE M strobes are in big rows along the side trusses and in the ring of the set as well, which creates a really great feature piece – we can pop a lot of cool effects with their pixels.  They’re my new favorite strobe.  Super bright and I love the depth and hit we get from their white cells. Their color mixing is incredible as well.

Maverick Storm 1 Hybrid moving heads line both sides of the stage.  We’ve got them in a huge upstage truss as well which gives a great backlight look. They’re super punchy on the ground.  The color mixing was great. I really enjoyed programming the strobe and gobo rotating effects we pulled out of them.”

Meet the gear:

IP65 rated motorized strobe/wash with two ultra-bright, white light tube elements surrounded by an electrifying, color-mixing, and pixel-mappable face. This versatile strobe light can double as a wash fixture with 180° tilt range to throw bright saturated color wherever you need.

Maverick Storm 1 Hybrid:  The latest Maverick series IP65 technology comes together with an advanced optical system designed to optimize output from an Osram 420W 7700K source. This combination Beam/Spot/Wash fixture delivers stadium-scale output and CMY color mixing that produces the boldest reds, greens and blues while perfectly matching its fellow Mavericks in the rig.