Posted on November 2, 2011

Written by Mike Graham, product manager for CHAUVET Professional

…And then it was over.  After four days of load in, each consisting of about 14 hours per day, three days of show, and 12 hours of load out, it is all done. LDI 2011 is officially in the can. I have barely had time to really reflect on the show yet, but wanted to make sure to thank those who made this whole thing a success.

Our rental suppliers for the show, Bandit Lites and Christie Lites were on point with all of their respective gear. (Christie supported the Club/DJ booth, while Bandit handled the Professional side.) Bandit also supplied a crew chief who was second-to-none. Our programmer, Chris Lisle was very supportive and open to our direction for all of the programming of the lights. Northstar Event Services provided us with a top notch crew for labor and all of the people they supplied attacked every situation we threw at them with a smile.

On the CHAUVET side, Todd Murray cranked out some amazing video footage that showed off everything that the MVP panels were capable of doing. It came out perfect. I would also like to thank Ben Dickmann and Ford Sellers for all of their assistance (while I was overseas or stuck in bed) ensuring nothing got missed. Our onsite team of Allan Reiss, Alex Ocampo, Anthony Chiappone, Graham Neave, Michael Corby, Maurice Allen, Max Morgan, Richmond McDaniel,  David Valez, and  Raglan Jones worked till they dropped to make all three of our booths come to life. Our marketing team did a killer job of making sure our branding was up to standard and that we had great catalogues, cut sheets, banners, handouts, t-shirts, and everything else that people remember after the smoke clears.

All in all, to everyone who made this show a success, thank you!!! And to any doubters who are still out there, it’s only a matter of time till you are INfected!