Chauvet’s Mexico Opening Photos!

Posted on October 30, 2013

Our recent Chauvet Mexico office opening was a huge success!  Check out some photos of the event, which was as fun as it was colorful!  Check out the warehouse, production, and opening festivities — featuring CHAUVET Professional and CHAUVET DJ products!

Chauvet-Mexico-39 Chauvet-Mexico-38 Chauvet-Mexico-37 Chauvet-Mexico-36 Chauvet-Mexico-35 Chauvet-Mexico-34 Chauvet-Mexico-33 Chauvet-Mexico-32 Chauvet-Mexico-31 Chauvet-Mexico-30 Chauvet-Mexico-29 Chauvet-Mexico-28 Chauvet-Mexico-27 Chauvet-Mexico-26 Chauvet-Mexico-25 Chauvet-Mexico-24 Chauvet-Mexico-23 Chauvet-Mexico-21 Chauvet-Mexico-20 Chauvet-Mexico-19 Chauvet-Mexico-18 Chauvet-Mexico-17  Chauvet-Mexico-15Chauvet-Mexico-12 Chauvet-Mexico-11 Chauvet-Mexico-10 Chauvet-Mexico-9 Chauvet-Mexico-8 Chauvet-Mexico-7 Chauvet-Mexico-6 Chauvet-Mexico-5 Chauvet-Mexico-4 Chauvet-Mexico-3 Chauvet-Mexico-2