LDI 2013 Photos and Video – CHAUVET Professional Booth, In Motion!

Posted on December 3, 2013

Happy Tuesday, lighting industry!

We’ve got lots of cool photos and video to share of this year’s LDI 2013 booth!  The theme was In Motion — the lighting design and structure was conceived by CHAUVET Professional’s lighting designer and Education manager Jim Hutchison, with the video and audio content created and mastered by Chauvet’s Video Director Todd Murray.  Check out the video below of the light art piece itself, and some excellent photos from Chauvet’s own Stephane Gressier below!

We were so glad to see you all this year, and we look forward to next year’s show in Las Vegas!

Check out some great photos by Chauvet’s Stephane Gressier — all rights reserved!


The lovely Berenice Chauvet with lighting design superstars Patrick Woodroofe (L) and Patrick Dierson (R)

CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-1 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-2 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-3 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-4 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-5 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-6 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-7 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-8 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-9 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-10 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-11 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-12 CHAUVET-Professional-LDI2013-Stephane-13