Funky Friday — It’s a JAMES BROWN Video Celebration!

Posted on October 11, 2013

HAPPY FRIDAY, lighting industry!

The day we all LOVE to celebrate every time it comes up — which always strikes as odd in the Entertainment Lighting industry due to the fact that often times, Fridays are just like Mondays, opening up the entire weekend to working and rocking!

To jazz up your Friday morning, we have an excellent selection of funky and jammin’ James Brown videos to boost your productivity!  Happy James Brown-ing!

James Brown:  Living in America!

James Brown:  I Feel Good (complete with the “let’s beckon the Godfather of Soul intro!)

…and something EXTRA awesome, James Brown on SOUL TRAIN, the full performance!!  This is some high speed James Brown, we hope you enjoy it!

Have an EXCELLENT Friday!!!

Thanks to Wikipedia for the photo credit!