CHAUVET Lights TV Show in Panama

Posted on February 14, 2012

CHAUVET made it all the way to Panama to the set of the TV show “Mi Papa Es Mejor Que Tu Papa” [“My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad”], which airs every Sunday on the popular TV station TVN Panamá. Specified by lighting designer Humberto Barrera, four LEDrain 64C narrow beam wash lights warm the upper truss. Barrera placed two COLORado 3p IP lights inside each of five small plastic wooden houses built for the set, while about 60 of the same powerful COLORado 3p IP fixtures light the set from behind in vertical rows. Barrera, who is sales manager for Distribuidora Musical (also called Compañia Alfaro) in Panama, sold the equipment to rental company Meeting and Show, which rented it to TVN Panama.