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Posted on July 8, 2014

nexus-off-wallAre you sharing your life to the utmost limit of photogenic selfie-ism and self-deprecating incriminating photo taking at the most inappropriate times?  

We didn’t think so, because we know you’re all very respectful people!  🙂

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A wall made from 87 Nexus 4×4 panels in our showroom.  Pixel mapping goodness!


Legend 330 SR Spot gobos rocking the floor at a photo shoot…


Jim and DeAnna taking the most awesome USITT selfie that ever was!


Eric Mueller demonstrating focus on an E-190WW at USITT in Fort Worth, Texas in 2014.


Legend 412Z shots from the video shoot!


Side shot of the InfoComm 2014 lighting rig in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Our newest videographer Bryan Adams (yeah, Bryan Adams) shooting the massive Nexus 4×4 wall!