THE WHO, Rocking and Rolling, with NEXUS 4×4!

Posted on May 18, 2015

Have you seen the new tour that The Who is doing around the world? They are just as excellent as ever, never stopping, never quitting, and now they are rocking a huge rig that includes 50 of CHAUVET Professional’s NEXUS 4×4 pixel mapping LED wash panels on the US legs of the tour!

You have GOT to see these great photos…  Check it out!  Also, check out some audience view video of The Who rocking with the NEXUS 4x4s (and some more video of NEXUS and The Who HERE!) from our CHAUVET Professional Facebook page!

the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-13 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-12 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-1 NEXUS-The-Who-CHAUVET-Professional-4 NEXUS-The-Who-CHAUVET-Professional-2 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-6 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-11 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-10 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-18 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-14 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-8 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-2 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-19 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-17 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-3 NEXUS-The-Who-CHAUVET-Professional-3 NEXUS-The-Who-CHAUVET-Professional-1 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-5 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-4 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-9 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-16 the-who-chauvet-professional-nexus-7

For more on The Who’s 2015 Tour, check out Pollstar — dates and times, etcetera.  Great website for lighting industry people if you haven’t heard of it already!