Expanding Reality: In the wake of the pandemic, we have been urged to adjust to a “new normal.” A growing number of event industry members have been doing so quite literally by actively pursuing opportunities in virtual, extended and augmented reality. Here are some of their stories.

The founder of Los Angeles based Vitas Motus has been the visionary behind memorable scenes on stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival and Coachella, as well as for shows by Pharrell Williams and Mariah Carey. More recently, she and her team have created stunning 3D virtual versions of festivals like Lighting In A Bottle. Shaw talked to us about reimagining reality in design.

Virtual reality is not necessarily meant to replicated the world outside, as much as reflect it in new and inspiring ways. The head of New York-based Boum Creative has been adhering to this principle since he began exploring the boundaries of VR over three years ago, while still doing his impressive “traditional” work. He shared his vision with us.

Andrew Cass of C2 Design & Drafting created a magical show on a 3D stage this summer for Disco Biscuits founding member Aron Magner and his jazz trio, Spaga. Although the virtual concert had the smooth, seamless flow of a natural phenomenon, a complex web of technology and detailed work underpinned it. The Denver designer discussed the process.

Looking at the photo, it’s easy to think the two men are talking on a theatre stage. In reality they are in front of a photographic image displayed on a curved video wall augmented by well-placed wash lights. The Studio Lab team tells us how they made this happen.