EDITORS NOTE: As we have since the lockdown began, we are departing from our usual format to focus on this moment in our history. In this issue, we share the inspiring stories of those who are seeking new opportunities and partnerships to prepare for a post-pandemic world.

This designer, who counts Madison Square Garden, Netflix and Manhattan clubs Marque and Lavo, among his clients began planning his next steps as soon as the current lockdown took effect. He shared insights into his heavy livestreaming schedule and explained why he sees “hybrid events” that are both live and streamed becoming prevalent in the future.

A bit of 1960s Americana is being replicated in central Germany with help from our F4IP video panels, as Autokino Apolda, a pop-up drive-in, has begun showing movies seven days a week. Materie Event Production supplied the LED panels for the 10-meter by 6-meter video wall along with a collection of Maverick and COLORado fixtures that are used for dazzling post-film displays.

Keeping busy for two months with nonpaying livestreams, this veteran festival and event designer got his first paying job in May when he lit one of the first drive-in events, an outdoor comedy show featuring Michael Longfellow of NBC’s “Bring The Funny” fame. He talked about the importance of learning new skills in a new world.

Going it alone might not always be the best course to follow when navigating through a crisis. Harry the Hirer in Australia and High Frequency Productions outside Chicago demonstrated that. The two production houses entered into different arrangements (not with each other) to build regular livestreaming series that hold promise for the future.

Lit Lighting’s first livestreaming venture was cut short when the governor of Arizona issued a lockdown order. Undeterred, Chris Brodman and his team members used the layoff period to hone their livestream lighting skills. Now they are back better than ever.