What awaits us in the “new normal” that will emerge once the lockdown has lifted? There are no certain answers, but we asked for ideas from Nick Whitehouse, Rob Sinclair, Steve Lieberman, Johanna Town, Rick Fisher, Patrick Woodroffe, Sooner Routhier and other leading designers.

Vowing that he didn’t want to be a passive “spectator” once COVID-19 brought his business to a halt, production house entrepreneur went all in on creating a massive 76-fixture studio with a 18’ x 10’ video wall for his livestreams. As a result, he added a new permanent dimension to his business.

Lighting a drive-in concert stage has similarities to working festivals, but there are also important differences. Brent Maxon’s work for Keith Urban and Matt Collier’s for Spafford, both used CHAUVET Professional fixtures, and each shows a different part of the drive-in equation.

When the lockdown started, German record company LUKINS organized Save Your Culture, a series of livestreams intended to support local businesses in its hometown of Eberswalde. We take a look at the stunning work done by KINGSIZE Events at one of those shows.