WorldStage Sees Bright Future For Maverick MK3 Profile

Posted on July 29, 2019

SECAUCUS, NJ – The team at WorldStage prides themselves in being “technology specialists at heart,” and they have the track record to prove it, being among the earliest adapters of a long series of breakthroughs like moving LED fixtures. This summer, the innovative company took another step toward the future, when it added 50 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures to its inventory.

“This is a new technology fixture,” said Terry Jackson, Vice President, Director of Lighting at WorldStage. “We have been searching for a large LED fixture to upgrade some of the older 3K range units we own, and this is it. This will definitely replace several fixtures in our inventory, so we can continue to grow and deliver a better experience to our customers.”

An intensely bright fixture (over 51,000 source lumens), the Maverick MK3 Profile has the punch to meet the needs of large venues. It also can excel in a wide variety of applications thanks to its impressive range of performance features, which include a 4-blade, fully wiping shutter system that rotates up to 60° in each direction (120° total), CMY + CTO color mixing, adjustable CRI from 73 to 93 CRI, two overlapping prisms, two gobo wheels and a fast 9:1 zoom ratio that maintains a flat field of focus even when fully wide.

Although he sees the Maverick MK3 Profile filling a variety of roles for WorldStage, Jackson is especially excited by the impact it will have on the event market. “We have already used these fixtures on the DRL/Formula E Kick-Off Party, and we have them ready for additional high profile events on our books,” he said. “Chauvet pulled together a lot of very advanced technology to create an extraordinarily powerful and versatile fixture.”

Also influencing WorldStage’s decision to invest in the Maverick MK3 Profile was its extensive experience working with Chauvet. “We really appreciate the time, energy and effort that Chauvet puts into each and every fixture that they bring to market,” said Jackson. “We can always rely on them for solid fixtures that maintain initial quality levels, year in and year out. This is extremely valuable to rental houses with a high fixture rental rate. We’re excited by what this fixture can for us.”

For his part, Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet shares this enthusiasm. “Like any company. Chauvet is as good as its employees and its customers,” he said. “We’re very proud of our association with WorldStage, having always admired the way they treat customers and their forward looking approach to new technology. The confidence they are showing in the Maverick MK3 Profile means a great deal to our entire organization.”