The Great Outdoors – Lighting by CHAUVET Professional!

Posted on January 6, 2015

Have a project that calls for outdoor lighting?  We have you covered with a feature rich collection of temporary and permanent outdoor rated products from CHAUVET Professional and Iluminarc. Our proven products are already demonstrating their excellent combination of performance and reliability at projects from luxury hotels (read about our Ilumipanel 40 IP fixtures at the Hyatt Place Bayamón and El Tropical Casino) to historic churches (our Ilumipod 42 IP and Ilumipod 18 helped mark the 100th anniversary of St. Dominique Church in Québec).

Here is a brief review of some of our newer outdoor fixtures:

Iluminarc Colorist Quad Color – This IP65-rated series of fixtures provides the ideal color wash solution for those tricky applications that fall somewhere in between permanent architectural installations and temporary entertainment lighting rigs.

Designed for temporary outdoor use, the Colorist Series is powered by Quad-Color red, green, blue and amber LEDs. These fixtures feature sleek white low-profile housing that blends well with any type of architectural installation, in addition to providing an elegant look when used in public spaces for event lighting.

All Colorist models come standard with IP-rated DMX tails that can be permanently installed in a covered structure or used for chaining together fixtures at temporary outdoor events like festivals. The Colorist Series includes the following fixtures:

  • Colorist Pod 7Qa, pod-style fixture with 7 x Quad-Color (RGBA) LEDs that produce an impressive 1,176 lumens and a base illuminance of 880 lux at five meters.
  • Colorist Pod 18Qa, which produces 2,854 lumens, base illuminance 2,232 lux at five meters, yet is still very compact and lightweight.
  • Colorist Panel 8Qa, which is ideal for color washing walls, stages and exhibits.
  • Colorist Panel 36Qa, which is packed with 36 x 15-watt RGBA LEDs that radiate exceptionally bright and vibrant color washes in any indoor or outdoor environment.
  • Colorist Line 6Qa, which is a 19.5 inch (495 mm) strip containing 6 x 15-watt RGBA LEDs for washing and uplighting.
  • Colorist Line 12Qa, which at twice the length of the 6Qa is ideal for applications where wider strips of washing/uplighting are needed.

COLORado IP Series – These temporary and permanent outdoor fixtures offer many of the performance features that have made our COLORado Tour series of indoor units a standard throughout the concert, club and theater worlds. This series features a wide range of IP66 and IP65 fixtures that can fit a variety of applications. Take a look at what we mean:

  • COLORado Batten Quad-9 IP – This IP66-rated RGBW LED batten wash wears many different hats – all in stunning fashion — going from a wall washer to direct-view effect fixture for pixel mapping with ease, along with superior color and 16-bit dimming.
  • COLORado 4 IP – Packing a punch with an output of 3,600 lux at 5 meters, this 40W RGBW linear wash allows pixel control of each LED for stunning outdoor effects. A removable yoke doubles as a mounting bracket for stacking an array of up to four units that maintain a perfect pixel pitch.
  • COLORado 2-Quad Zoom IP – Featuring 14 RGBW LEDs, this power par-style fixture combines a wide-range zoom with 16-bit dimming curves to deliver maximum flexibility. Use it to highlight specific areas or flood a stage; either way, you’ll be impressed with its performance.
  • COLORado 1-Quad IP – At home indoors or out, this IP66-rated par-style fixture features Quad-Color emitters to deliver a truer white spectrum and an astounding color range that includes even the most subtle pastels. A versatile split-yoke bracket allows floor or truss mounting.
  • COLORado 1-Tri IP – A workhorse in our COLORado IP line, this IP66-rated LED wash is powered by 14 intense, calibrated Tri-Color LEDs and features five dimming curves to ensure compatibility with older non-LED rigs. A built-in gel frame holder is also included.
  • COLORado 3P IP – Check out this highly efficient wash bank consisting of three pods of 18 ultra-bright LEDs arranged in circles for a variety of indoor and outdoor wash applications. RGB color mixing in each pod can be controlled separately. This IP66-rated fixture is ideal for blinder effects, and it can be stacked or interlocked in multiple unit configurations.