SSLRent Creates Simple Elegance for BMW Event with CHAUVET Professional

Posted on July 10, 2020
BMW Beliën - Rogue 3

LIMBURG, BELGIUM – Less is more. Frank Appeltans points to this well-proven aphorism when discussing his design philosophy. It’s an approach that has enabled him to come up with subtle, beautiful and evocative creations while avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Recently, Appeltans followed this balanced philosophy to highlight a renowned high-performance vehicle that was created in accordance with his own design principles, when he and his team at SSLRent lit a product introduction event for the BMW 2 Gran Coupé at the showroom of automobile dealer, BMW Beliën Neerpelt.

“We have had the privilege to work for BMW Beliën Neerpelt already for three or four years now, said Appeltans. “Since the beginning of our partnership we have organized multiple BMW reveals and releases. With all of our work, we focus on keeping the brand identity in mind.”

Key to reflecting this identity were the lush blues and reds that Appeltans bathed the vehicles in. A collection of six CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2 Wash fixtures positioned on overhead truss, provided the elegant palette.

BMW Beliën - Rogue 2

“We relied on blue and red to obtain a cool and sportive mix of colors,” said Appeltans. “The colors made the car stand out from its surroundings. At the same time, it also created a cool, sophisticated look that represent the brand identity of BMW.”

A collection of four Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures, hung on the same overhead truss structure as the Rogue units, was used to draw attention to the vehicle by providing special effects and gobo patterns. The 440W moving LED fixtures created a ring of light around the BMW 2 Gran Coupé.

Working in conjunction with a “curtain” of laser light, the bright shafts from the Maverick fixtures created a magical aura around the luxury automobile, accentuating the futuristic vision at the heart of its design. A small dark space between the lasers and the vehicle, set the car even further apart from its surroundings.

BMW Beliën - Rogue 4

The vehicle itself was located on an elevated platform in the middle of the dealership building. To add an extra dimension to the exhibit, Appeltans positioned CHAUVET DJ Freedom Par Quad4 uplights below the platform and matched this light with low lying red fog that was itself coordinated with the wash light.

“Our idea was to make the car look like look like it was behind ‘bars,’ as if it were something you can’t touch yet,” said Appeltans. “This made it even more appealing, because we all know that we want what we can’t have!”

A deep thought? Yes, but it evolved out of a lighting design that was beautiful in its simplicity.

BMW Beliën - Rogue 5