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Rogue Stars In EDM Drama

Theatre-goers who turned out to see Amos during the show’s recent run in Los Angles knew they were not going to experience an ordinary play. After all, how many productions describe themselves as EDM dramas? Set against the brooding backdrop of an underground EDM world in the Ukraine, the play delves deeply into a nefarious […]

I’m With The Band: Jimmy Davidson and Cody Johnson

Few rising country music stars have ever followed a trajectory quite like that of smoky voiced baritone Cody Johnson. The former bull rider was working as a prison guard in Texas when he began promoting his self-released albums on social media in 2006. Plugging away, and gradually increasing his fan base (his Twitter following reached […]

Let The Music Play: Ollie Wilkinson Lighting Musical Revues

Musical Revues… are they concerts, or musicals? For TPi Award nominee Ollie Wilkinson of Arranpaul Ltd., the answer is “none of the above.” The British designer, who’s worked on an impressive list of popular revues at Blackpool’s historic Grand Theatre, treats them as their own creative challenge. Feeling the vibe of the music, the way […]


South African Icon Karen Zoid Goes Rogue

STELLENBOSCH, SOUTH AFRICA – Like the magical aura that surrounds her homeland, the music of Karen Zoid defies neat and easy description. Moving seamlessly between English and Afrikaans, it pushes boundaries with a ferocious intensity in one song, then pulls at the heart with its sentimental yearning the next. Keeping pace with the top-selling SONY […]


Matt Calabrese Goes Rogue On Kung Fu Tour

WASHINGTON – Matt Calabrese says he thrives on spontaneity. Good thing too. As lighting designer for the increasingly popular and much traveled progressive funk jam band Kung Fu, his career has taken him on a wildly original, and thoroughly enjoyable, ride. Every show is a new adventure for the Connecticut-based LD, not just as a […]


Squeek Lights Goes Rogue For August Burns Red

NEW YORK  – Grammy-nominated August Burns Red kicked off its winter tour on January 5 in support of its seventh studio album Phantom Anthem. From Montreal, where the tour began, to the House of Blues in San Diego and everyplace in between, fans are packing venues to immerse themselves in the band’s raw and powerful […]

Conga Room-LA Live Gets Camera-Friendly With CHAUVET Professional

LOS ANGELES – The Conga Room-LA Live isn’t photographed and videoed quite as often as the celebrities who frequent the nightlife, concert, and private event venue, but it comes very, very close. Located directly across the street from the Staples Center, the sleekly designed 1000-capacity multi-room site regularly hosts press conferences, after parties and other […]