CHAUVET Professional Supports Germany’s Night of Light

Posted on June 26, 2020
Night of Light 3

BREMEN, GERMANY – Landmark buildings glowed red throughout Germany Monday night, June 22, for Night of Light, a massive expression of support for the events industry and a vivid reminder to the nation’s leaders about the challenges facing the businesses and individuals who make up this vital sector of the economy.

Initiated by Essen-based marketing agency LK-AG, the awareness campaign drew the support of EVVC, Germany’s venue association and thousands of businesses from every region of the country, including Chauvet Germany.

“We are proud to be a part of this important event,” said Thomas Fischer, Managing Director of Chauvet Germany GmbH. “The situation we face cannot be ignored. We must all pull together to ensure a prosperous future for our industry.”

In addition to lighting its home offices in red, Chauvet Germany provided fixtures to illuminate buildings in its home town of Bremen, including Bartels Mill in Bremen Nord. Members of the Chauvet Germany team also drove to red-lighted buildings during the evening to express their support for their colleagues, as well as their hope that steps will be taken to revitalize the events industry to the benefit of its members and the entire German nation.

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