Chauvet and Visions Lighting Enthrall at Invasion Del Corrido

Posted on April 29, 2015

LOS ANGELES – Latin music is as richly diverse, complex and enthralling as the cultures that gave it to the world. From Latin pop to Tejano and mariachi, this broad musical genre covers a range of emotions; so too do the reggae and created reggaeton sounds of Jamaica. The combined emotional power of these two rich musical forces was on full display at the Staples Center during the sold out Invasion Del Corrido concert.

Keeping pace with the swirling passion, color and intensity of the music on stage was a dynamic lighting design created by LD Brandon Dunning of Visions Lighting (Brea, CA).  At the heart of Dunning’s design was a series of truss structures energized by incredibly bright pixel mapped Nexus 4×4 LED panels from CHAUVET Professional.

Dunning used 20 of the Nexus panels controlled with an ArKaos LED Mapper. (He ran the rig using a grandMA 2 Light Console.)  Eight of the Nexus panels were hung inside a 30’ x 25’ upstage circular truss structure. The other 12 Nexus units were arranged three each on the four 10’ truss towers that accented the stage.

By displaying pixel mapped breakout patterns on the Nexus panels and varying the intensity of their output (he ran a mixture of 110v and 208v), Dunning was able to reflect the diverse range of musical moods in light. “The Nexus panels are very versatile fixtures, so they allow you to cover a range of moods and images,” he said.  “A lot of different artists performed at Invasion Del Corrido and we wanted to create a lightshow that supported each of them.

“As far as pixel mapping was concerned, I used a lot of media that had lines and color changing, along with some high DEF media loops,” continued the LD. “Running the same patterns on all of the truss hung Nexus panels really tied the whole stage together and created an engaging look for the audience.”

Dunning also praised the intense output of the Nexus fixtures. “At key points in the program, we unleashed the Nexus units as blinders,” he said. “It was very impressive. You don’t have to run these fixtures at full output to get brightness at this level. Everyone loved the way our design looked.”

Aside from relying on high performance products, Dunning credits his team with making Invasion Del Corrido’s lighting design a success. “We benefited from the great video work done by Jairo Ortiz. All of us were excited working on this project; when you hear the passion in the music it’s hard not to get excited.”