C&C Lightway Achieves Balance With CHAUVET Professional at South Korea’s Organic Expo Plaza

Posted on October 30, 2020
Organic Expo - Ovation E -910FC 4

SEOUL – With its graceful scalloped dome roof, simple, but elegant lines, and side surfaces intersected by spacious openings to the grounds outside, the aptly named Organic Expo Plaza theatre balances harmoniously with its surroundings. The holistic qualities of this space engender the sort of distraction-free environment that enhances any performance.

C&C Lightway was asked to provide the new theatre with a versatile and colorful lighting system that could be installed affordably without disturbing the space’s aesthetic equilibrium. The designers at the well-known South Korean company accomplished this goal by positioning a collection of 39 CHAUVET Professional fixtures in the battens connected to the building’s domed roof.

From these positions, the LED fixtures are capable of covering the entire performance area in smooth even fields of light, while also offering the versatility needed to support the theatre’s diverse mix of shows.

Organic Expo - Ovation E -910FC 3

Designed by Yuchel Shin and Geunyeol Park of C&C Lighting, the all CHAUVET Professional system features 24 Ovation F-195FC Fresnels and 13 Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal fixtures. Both fixture models have RGBA-Lime LED systems, which allows them to create a broad color palette in the theatre.

Also included in the theatre’s rig are two high-output Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures, which are used for specials and to create richly textured gobo patterns on stage.

“Our client wanted a LED system to cut the expense of energy consumption, as well as maintenance costs,” said Park. “They wanted to save money, and at the same time have very high-quality fixtures backed by reliable service.”

Just at the architecture of the Organic Expo Plaza is a model of aesthetic harmony, the lighting system designed and installed by C&C Lightway, achieves its balance between optimal performance and affordability, which is always a beautiful combination!

Organic Expo - Ovation E -910FC 2