Missouri trip: CHAUVET (On the) Road Show

Posted on September 2, 2011

Blue Planet  Lighting, based in Hollister, Mo., played host to CHAUVET Central U.S. Territory/Key Accounts Manager, Jeremy Pace, during their recent road show. Jeremy showcased fixtures such as the 2011 Parnelli Award-nominee for Indispensible Technology, WELL wireless uplighting fixtures, a member of Legend Series, our flagship moving yoke for the professional line, Legend 300E Spot, one of the newer members to the COLORado line, COLORado Range, and the variable white member from the SlimPAR Pro series, SlimPAR Pro VW. A big thank you to Blue Planet’s Mike Gormley for sharing these photographs.

Jeremy Pace in action, navigating the Legend 300E Spot.

Legend 300E Spot illuminated.

Legend 300E Spot fixture detail.

COLORado Range illuminated.

WELL fixture detail.

SlimPAR Pro VW, which is only 2.5" inches thick.