Maverick Storm 1 Hybrid and STRIKE combine for bold colors and punchy beams at Bonnaroo 2024

Posted on July 1, 2024

Maverick Storm 1 Hybrid made its Bonnaroo debut on two identically rigged stages that both took full advantage of its CMY color mixing system capable of delivering the boldest saturated primary colors (and a truly fantastic red).  

The aptly named This Tent and That Tent stages, with their triangular tent ceilings, provided the geometry, while the combination of Storm and STRIKE fixtures provided the ability to alternate complementary color changes and create dramatic moments of blinding white light and dark silhouetted looks.

Hybrid versatility was on full display as Maverick Storm 1 Hybrid served up a variety of beam, spot and wash looks, shifting deftly between its beam and spot modes to deliver focused beams, crisp spots and deep heavy frost color fills.

The 180° tilt range of Color STRIKE M helped to shape bright saturated color washes that provided a sense of visual depth to the relatively narrow tent configurations of these two Bonnaroo stages.

STRIKE Array 2 audience blinders delivered peak drama with intense warm white chases and emulated tungsten dimming effects across the front of the truss topping the rig with a vertex that matched the pitched roof.

Production for This Tent and That Tent provided by Harford Sound and Rock The House Entertainment, who once again brought their production know-how and creative artistry to Bonnaroo.