Is There A Show Without Lights?

Posted on December 21, 2011

The lighting world is so poetic and inspiring we wanted to give you a quick reinforcement of that. Read the answers half dozen LDs gave when asked how they see a show without lights. Their comments were extracted from our LD profile series posted throughout the year.

A show without lights is like…

1. … the world without the Sun: dead, desolate, cold, unbearable; without growth and understanding.
We totally agree with Xavier Pierce, lighting designer and owner of Xavier Pierce Design in New York. People breathe light, just like they breathe air – can’t live without!

2. … an iPod without headphones.
That sounds like a paradox! There is no point in having an iPod, if there are no headphones, right? So simple, yet so suggestive, coming from Eduardo “Wady” Rodriguez, lighting designer well known throughout Latin America with more than 20 years experience in the industry.

3. … a cup of tea and no biscuits!
Has this made you think of 5 o’clock tea? For musician Paul Wyse, of U.K., this is serious business. One simply cannot offer a British person tea and no biscuits!

4. … a snail without a shell… SLIMY!!
This sounds like a mutilated snail! Just like a show would be without lighting. Great analogy given by Thomas Aratanha Fonseca, lighting designer and account manager for Kor Media & Lighting in Miami.

5. … a show without lights is like a ski slope without snow. Lighting sets the mood for the entire show, and without light, nobody would be able to see it. When I run a light show, I like to set the mood and tell a story with the fixtures. No comment! Inspiring thoughts from Paul McElroy, lighting/audio/video technician for Caven Enterprises, Inc. in Dallas.

6. … just another day listening to the radio.
The Radio Ga Ga ages are long gone, and the 21st century is all about lights. But not just any lights: LEDs! Camron Ware, founder of Visual Worshiper, VJ, light and projection designer, definitely keeps up with his time.

7. …nothing, can’t see them, can’t see facial expressions, can’t see anything, a show doesn’t work without lighting. It’s like watching a shadow move around.
What Austin Grundberg of Illinois describes sounds really sad! We don’t associate the sun and its light with happiness for nothing. Light means life and joy!

8. … And CHAUVET says…a show without lights is like…a show without an LD! Lacks creativity and that touch of genius. Thank you to all LDs out there for making lights speak.

This is a show with lights!