Tech Talk: How to keep up to date in a tech-savvy world

Posted on May 14, 2011

Written by Mike Graham, product manager for CHAUVET Professional

Mike Graham looking pensive in front of MVP video panels

I had a meeting with an optics supplier today who was telling me he used to sell computer servers. He pointed out to me that he thought his old industry moved fast. When he got into the optics industry, and more specifically into LED optics, he really found out what fast was. The point? We all know when you buy a computer, it is already out of style and there is a newer, faster one out there. In the LED world, it is no different. It is hard to imagine, but we all know that the PAR can, beam projector, and ellipsoidal fixtures have continued to be produced with very little change over the past decades (with just a few exceptions).

LED fixtures have changed drastically in a very short time, going from the tiny 5mm diodes to the high-powered LEDs we typically see today. While this is a good thing and keeps us all on our toes, we all must do our homework every day.

CHAUVET launched the MiN Spot in 2007 and revolutionized the industry. Yes, it was a club light and not designed for touring, but it paved the road for things to come (such as our road-ready, LED-fitted COLORado series). Now we have the Q-Series, which has gone from an all-discharge series to an all-LED series in just under two years and continues to grow.

We must keep up to date on new technology. For manufacturers, it is to stay ahead of development trends. For retail markets, it is to make sure they have the latest, newest gear. For rental houses, it must offer its clients the latest, newest gear with an eye on maintaining their return on investment. And for light users, make sure you have set as your browser’s home page.
Good luck, be safe and send us pictures from the road!