AWESOME Work from Algam with CHAUVET Professional!

Posted on May 1, 2014

We just got ROCKED by these photos from our distributor Algam from France — you have got to check these out, Algam does one heck of a show!

Algam invited all of their CHAUVET Professional customers and installers to a show featuring a large complement of our CHAUVET Professional equipment — a running list:

12 x Rogue R2 Spots
12 x Rogue R1 Beams
21 x MVP 12 video panels
14 x Nexus 4×4
16 x Legend 412Z
4 x Legend 330SR Spots
16 x Epix Strip 2.0
36 x Epix Bar 2.0
10 x Epix Drive 642
8 x Q-Wash 419Z
7 x Ovation 190-WW – 26 degree
20 x Nexus Affinity AW7x7
22 x Nexus Affinity AQ5x5


Click on any image below and a convenient gallery view pops up!