CHAUVET Professional: Lighting Insights September
Lighting Insights
Michael Stiller: Interactive Light
Michael Stiller: Interactive Light
This IES Illumination Merit Award winning designer views light as working with darkness to shape space and add to its emotional dimensions. He shares insights gained from practicing this theory in an array of architectural and entertainment projects, from lighting an iconic New York building to rock concerts, movies and Howard Stern’s birthday bash.
Michael Stiller: Interactive Light
Peter Greenbaum’s Year Of Todays Peter Greenbaum’s Year Of Todays
Peter Greenbaum’s Year Of Todays
The Lighting Director of The Today Show pulls back the curtain and gives us an insider’s look into lighting the longest running morning show in the US history, discussing how he gets ready for each day’s program and the steps he takes to prepare for the unexpected.
Style Setter
Strip Center Strip Center
Strip Center
Pixel mappable strip lights have been popping up in a growing number of applications over the past year. Ford Sellers, Senior Product Manager at CHAUVET Professional examines the strip light trend. Explaining why these fixtures are becoming so widely used and how you can get the most out of them in your next project.
Strip Center
Belgium Beat Belgium Beat
Belgium Beat
A massive collection of Maverick MK2 Washes and MK2 Spots joined by eight STRIKE 1 multi-formatted fixtures shook up one of Northern Europe’s premier music festivals this summer in an eye rattling lightshow by Vince de Schinckel.
Making Music
Video Insights: Web Servers
Video Insights: Color Mixing
Getting the most out of color mixing from your desk goes way beyond RGB. As Sam Bowden explains in this video, using tools like your console's virtual color wheel and virtual temperature wheel can help maximize the color rendering capabilities of your rig.
Video Insights: Web Servers
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