CHAUVET Professional: Lighting Insights May
Lighting Insights
Howard Ungerleider
Concert lighting and music are woven so tightly together for this Parnelli Award winner that he views them as locked in a dance with one another. The longtime designer for Rush and a host of other superstars, Ungerleider talked to us about what he calls the "choreography of light," as well as a range of other topics from the joys of running his own boards and changing cues during concerts, to being inspired by Pink Floyd and avoiding flash and trash traps.
Expanding Looks For La Banda
Produced by Simon Cowell the hit Univision program La Banda searched for the next Latin Boy Band stars. Action was nonstop. Lighting designer Tom Sutherland and director/programmer Craig Caserta needed a variety of looks to keep pace, so they controlled each cell in 16 Nexus 4x4 panels individually to create patterns that morphed throughout the performances.
Meet Maverick
You've heard the buzz, seen the videos and read the press releases, Maverick moving fixtures are here — and they're ready to free the imagination and set a new standard in affordable tour lighting. Our Senior Product Manager Ford Sellers takes you inside the Maverick Series to offer a look at some of its outstanding features.
Country Lights
Country music continues to reflect the same tried and true values as it has for generations. Storytelling is still of paramount importance too. However, when it comes to lightshows, today's country tours are far cry from their predecessors. Keith Hoagland, lighting designer for the 2016 Academy of Country Music Awards Entertainer of the Year, Jason Aldean talked to us about country's changing looks.
Video Insights
That moving spot you just installed at a club won't have to withstand the rigors of the road the way its touring brethren do, but that doesn't mean you can just fly it and forget it. Permanent installation fixtures need some TLC to have a long productive life. Our own Mike Graham shares some valuable insights into keeping them in top shape.