CHAUVET Professional: Lighting Insights
Lighting Insights
Matt Ford
The Emmy Award winning LD, who’s contributed to shows like Celebrity Apprentice and America's Got Talent, believes there is no limit to what lighting can (and should) do on the set. He talked to us about his grand lighting vision and a host of other topics, from Halloween haunted houses to the music that inspires him when he designs.
Paul Francis Aranha on Event Lighting
Spring is almost here, and that means more outdoor events to light. Bahama-based Paul Francis Aranha of Spectrum Light and Sound has designed open air rigs for parties at some of the world’s most exclusive resorts. He shares his insights on outdoor lighting.
Ovation E-910FC Dazzles DC
Our new RGBA-Lime LED ellipsoidal got off to a stunningly beautiful start at the National Portrait Gallery in the Smithsonian Institute. John Farr Lighting Design used 24 of the recently arrived color mixing marvels to create breathtaking looks at this upscale event.
Balmoral Cruise Liner Upgrades Theater With Chauvet
The venerable Balmoral cruise liner is setting sail with a new CHAUVET Professional LED lighting system in its main entertainment venue, and passengers couldn't be happier.
Video Insights
The A B Cs of IP ratings. We see them all the time, but how are IP ratings determined? What do they mean to you? And how can you maintain the IP ratings of your fixtures? Our own Mike Graham has the answers.