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Lighting Insights
Martin Gagnon
For this acclaimed Canadian designer, buildings aren't simply places to live and work, they're also canvases for telling stories in light. Blending multimedia with lighting, Gagnon has turned even prosaic structures like grain elevators into art. Invariably, his stories come from the buildings themselves, rather than being imposed on them, resulting in designs that are not only beautiful but harmonious as well. We left our interview with Gagnon knowing we'd never see buildings the same way again. We trust you will too.
The Wonders of One Offs The Wonders of One Offs
The Wonders of One Offs
Lighting designer Brett Angstadt has done one offs for everyone from small bands, to stars like Fetty Wap and Amy Schumer. In almost all cases, he never quite knows what to expect. That's fine with him, since he regards punting as one of the joys of one offs. Angstadt shares his enthusiasm for one offs with us, along with some tips on making them successful.
Disturbed Dramatics Disturbed Dramatics
Disturbed Dramatics
Grammy-nominated Disturbed relied on more than just music to engage audiences on its tour to support its Immortalized album. A lightshow designed by Matt Mills and a set designed by Sooner Routhier convey a range of powerful emotions with help from a collection of 22 STRIKE 4 warm white fixtures.
Minimal Rig, Maximum Impact Minimal Rig, Maximum Impact
Minimal Rig, Maximum Impact
You don't always need a big rig to make a powerful impression. Larry Foote demonstrated this point in convincing fashion when he designed for country up-and-comers Maddie & Tae, when they opened for Lee Brice on tour. Limited to only eight Nexus 4x4 panels, Foote nevertheless created some big looks. We asked him to share his ideas on getting the most out of a smaller touring rig.
Video Insights
Looking for advice on dimming LED fixtures? Our own Sam Bowden explains how you can get LED units to match – and even surpass – their incandescent counterparts when it comes to achieving smooth, gradual dims.