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Lighting Insights
Tim Routledge
A British Academy Television Craft Award and a Prime Time Emmy nomination attest to the artistry of this British designer. Yet despite the honors he's earned, the TPi 2015 Lighting Designer of the Year never loses sight of his work's ultimate goal: to serve the client. Routledge talked to us about how his creativity actually feeds off of his realism.
Envisioning Studio Space Envisioning Studio Space
Envisioning Studio Space
The growth of social media has prompted many businesses to produce their own videos. Jonathan Lipsy has been there to help, lighting over 250 in-house studios. Because his clients are often starved for space, he's sometimes plied his craft in places like basements that were never intended to be video production sites. The designer shared his insights into the art of creating studios in unlikely places.
Technology Center Stage Technology Center Stage
Technology Center Stage
New technologies have the power to exert a profound influence (both positive and negative) on lighting design. Celebrated writer, consultant and lighting designer, Richard Cadena talked to us about how theatre LDs can take advantage of the benefits while avoid the pitfalls that technological advances bring.
Celebrating Pink Floyd Celebrating Pink Floyd
Celebrating Pink Floyd
Music was only part of the story with these Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Along with their memorable sound, the group created groundbreaking looks and light shows that forever changed the rock concert experience. New Zealand tribute band Eclipse celebrates this legendary band with help from a collection of our fixtures.
Video Insights
Ever heard the saying "you can't tell the players without a scorecard?" It's true of lighting fixtures too. Only instead of a scorecard, we're referring to a group of measurables like Color Temperature, Lux, CRI and Peak Nanometer. Know them, and it's easier to compare fixtures and choose the right ones for your project. Our own Mike Graham explains why in this video.
Lighting Insights