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Aaron Copp
Structural Light

The designer for Yo-Yo Ma, Natalie Merchant and The Lincoln Center Festival, this New York LD views his work as involving more than simply lighting performers, but also as a means of defining the space around them. For Copp, lighting serves as a demarcation, separating different elements on stage and creating almost an architectural structure that adds depth and harmony to any setting. A graduate of the Yale School of Drama and winner of a Bessie Award for his work in lighting BIPED, Copp has put his structural lighting principles to use in a variety of settings. The similarities he draws between his eclectic mix of projects delighted us when we visited him. We trust they will do the same for you. Enjoy!
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Setting The Scene
Richard Cadena on Scenic Elements

Have you found yourself working more scenic elements into your designs of late? You’re not alone. Since the early DMX-controlled media servers first appeared over a decade ago, new technologies have given lighting designers more power to create and control scenery on the theatrical and concert stage. Well-known designer, educator and author Richard Cadena applauds this development, as he explains in this interview.
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Beauty and the Bridge
Creating a Colorscape in Mexico

There is an extraordinary collection of visual gems in the historic city of Zacatecas, Mexico, from its famed pink stone buildings to its majestic baroque cathedral. Now a new stunner has been added to the list. This UNESCO designated “World Heritage City” has transformed a downtown vehicle bridge into a colorful concrete forest by lighting its Y-shaped support columns with Ilumiline and Ilumipanel from our ILUMINARC division.
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Tour Ready
Meet The New ÉPIX Tour Series

CHAUVET Professional Senior Product Manager Ford Sellers shares some insights into our new ÉPIX Tour Series and explains how it differs from our groundbreaking pixel mappable ÉPIX 2.0 Series. As Ford points out, the new members of our ÉPIX family were designed for tour use with a tighter (20mm) pixel pitch and the ability to be used with a more robust 4-pin XLR connector.
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Video Insights
Spot and Hybrid Prisms

Prisms should be an essential tool for any designer. In this Video Insights, CHAUVET Professional’s Mike Graham reviews some basic steps you can take to increase your prism power, from rotating prisms at different speeds on your spot fixture to combining prisms on a hybrid.
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