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Sean Burke
Dividing Light

The Irish LD for Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez and other stars takes us on a free flowing discourse that offers insights on topics ranging from 4D design renderings and hanging profile fixtures, to the literature of James Joyce and art of Salvador Dali.
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Looking Like Tungsten

Adding a warm tungsten look to lighting designs is a hot trend. Our Senior Product Manager Ford Sellers explains how a new generation of fixtures is making this happen by combining old school incandescent looks with the latest LED technology.
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Building Video Wall Designs

As LED video walls enter their second decade, new technologies and design concepts are reshaping how they’re used. Life In Color is at the forefront of this trend. Daniel Bouchard, the festival’s Production Director, discusses new video wall concepts.
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Video Insights:
What The Hex

Our own Sam Bowden takes a close up look at the new generation of Hex LED pars and explains how the inclusion of UV modules inside the LEDs makes a world of difference in color quality.
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Fashion Forward

Blaine Hentz of Viper Studios turns our WELL FLEX battery-powered uplights upside down to downlight the runway at a Fifth Avenue fashion show that was filmed by the Bravo TV Network.
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