CHAUVET Professional: Lighting Insights December
Lighting Insights
Peter Morse: Supporting Light
The designer for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s holiday lightshow shares insights into his creative process and tells us how he keeps an element of surprise in his larger-than-life designs that enthrall global audiences every December.
Holiday Lighting Visitors Holiday Lighting Visitors
Holiday Lighting Visitors
Church Christmas concerts involve more than caroling choirs. Today churches host concerts by artists who come with their own floor packages and LDs. Bobby Dennis of Heights Baptist in Dallas explains how it works.
Double Vision Double Vision
Double Vision
Renowned club and EDM designer Steve Lieberman used a collection of our Rogue and STRIKE fixtures to create two very distinct looks at Chicago’s PRYSM, reflecting the dual experience offered by the hot new nightspot.
COLORado 3 Solo COLORado 3 Solo
COLORado 3 Solo
With its impressively wide (8⁰ to 45⁰) zoom range, intense output from its three 40W RGBW engines and IP65 rating, this multi-tasking newcomer to our COLORado series makes a valuable addition to any designer’s tool chest.
Video Insights: Cable Management
Looking to take your fog and haze effects to the next level? Check out this high flying video that offers practical tips on selecting and positioning atmospheric effects for a variety of applications.
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