CHAUVET Professional: Lighting Insights August
Lighting Insights
Tim Routledge
The Lighting Director of the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater talked to us about how he draws on the emotional power of light to create an engaging sense of intimacy at events ranging from ballet performances and concerts by stars like Wynton Marsalis to White House state dinners and architectural projects.
Envisioning Studio Space Envisioning Studio Space
Crossing the Theatrical Bridge
Acclaimed concert lighting designer Seth Jackson, who's worked for clients like Toby Keith, Jason Mraz, Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood, recently returned to his first love and introduced theatre projects to his repertoire. He discussed the differences and similarities between the two lighting worlds.
Technology Center Stage Technology Center Stage
Lime Control
The addition of lime LEDs helps the Ovation E-910FC produce brighter, more vivid colors. CHAUVET Professional Senior Product Manager Ford Sellers explains why our new color mixing marvel also allows you to control the level of lime you use in different applications.
Celebrating Pink Floyd Celebrating Pink Floyd
Getting Creative with Clouseau
Luc Peumans of Painting with Light, drew upon an impressive collection of Strike 4, Rogue and Next NXT-1 fixtures to create a dazzling array of looks for the Belgium super group Clouseau on their "Clouseau Danst," tour.
Video Insights
Looking to add more versatility to your show? Using multiple control options offers some good solutions. Mike Graham explains how you can control one fixture from multiple sources, such as by using one control option to run the fixture's movements and another for pixel mapping.
Lighting Insights