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David Butzler Lighting a Legend

David Butzler Lighting a Legend

Garth Brooks' longtime LD and friend David Butzler sat down with us to talk about life on the road with one of music's most iconic stars. Speaking from his Nashville home, David shares some of the lessons he's learned along the way about lighting, life and loyalty. He also let us in on some inside information on topics like Garth's favorite rock groups and his first impression of moving fixtures. Enjoy.
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Morning Light John Gonzalez

Morning Light
John Gonzalez on Lighting the MORNING JOE Show

The talented LD of the popular morning cable show walks us through a typical day, which begins at 3 at in studio 3A, 30 Rockefeller Center. Aside from giving us a vivid sense of a TV designer’s routine, "Gonzo" shares some insights on balance, separation, color temperature and other key aspects of broadcast lighting.
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Jason Blends on Lighting DJ Booths

Booth Camp
Jason Blends on Lighting DJ Booths

EDM festivals and red hot dance clubs may grab most of the attention, but they certainly aren't the only place you'll find DJ booths. New York-based LD Jason Blends, who has designed DJ booths at corporate events trade shows and parties for clients like Heineken and Peavey, shares some insights into lighting these familiar structures away from EDM applications.
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In Focus A Fresh Look At Video Walls

Good Vibes
Gathering of the Vibes Celebrates With Legends

The popular summer festival inspired by the Grateful Dead featured a long list of stars from a variety of genres performing on its outdoor stage. A collection of Legend fixtures helped add impact to the festival's 20th anniversary edition.
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Lighting Insights

Lighting Insights Learning The Ropes

In this edition our own Mike Graham teaches us the ropes. We’re not referring to the inner workings of the lighting design world, although Mike can draw on his experience to enlighten us about that topic! Our subject is real ropes – the different kinds you’re likely to encounter and the different knot styles you can use to ensure that your rigs go up smoothly and safely.
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