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Jeff Croiter: Storytelling in Light

Tony Award winning lighting designer Jeff Croiter believes that lighting should always be part of the story on stage. Croiter has followed this principle throughout a 20-year career that has taken him to the heights of the theatrical world with hits like Peter and the Starcatcher, Newsies, and Something Rotten! The New York LD talked to us about lighting, storytelling and life on Broadway. Enjoy.
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Rogue Takes Center Stage

Andy Warhol has been gone for over 28 years, but the memory of the trailblazing pop art king shines as brightly as ever. So much so, that ANDY: A Popera, an opera/cabaret production celebrating Warhol’s life and work sold out every performance shortly after it opened. A variety of Rogue R2 Washes often used in (appropriately) unorthodox ways helped capture the Warhol spirit.
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Lighting Insights: Dynamic Video Setups

Want to expand your video display, but can’t make the investment in a gigantic wall? No worries, you can still get a big video look without a big investment by mapping the appropriate fixtures with video content so they work with your panels to immerse an entire stage. Chauvet Europe’s Sam Bowden shows how it’s done in this informative video.
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Lighting Festivals

According to Nielsen 32 million people attend music festivals a year in the US alone. That translates into a lot of opportunities for lighting designers to ply their trade for a variety of artists before large audiences. Abbas Ritscher and Luccas Oliveira of The Design Oasis have been on top of this trend, getting involved in 15-20 festivals annually. Ritscher sat down with us to talk about this important segment of the lighting market.
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The Meaning of Mapping

CHAUVET Professional senior product manager Ford Sellers gives us an inside look at pixel mapping, clearing up some common misconceptions, while providing a practical guide to choosing and working with pixel mapping fixtures.
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