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Seth Jackson
Lighting The Big Picture

Balance is at the heart of this two-time Parnelli Award winner’s designs; not just in the way he blends fixtures and scenic elements into a cohesive look on stage, but also in his approach to his work. Although he creates big looks with the best of them, Jackson never forgets that his designs are there to support, and not supplant, the artist. This has earned the St. Louis designer a stellar list of clients that runs from Toby Keith, to Selena Gomez and more. It’s also made him a valued collaborator on projects like Star Wars in Concert. We caught up with Jackson recently to talk about his big picture approach to lighting. Enjoy.
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Map Making
Chris Lose on Building Pixel Mapped Displays

It was one of the most talked about attractions at LDI – and it wasn’t even on the show floor. The stunning pixel mapped display made up of 300 EPIX Strip 2.0 LEDs that filled the dome over the Hard Rock Center Bar evoked a procession of “Wows!” from many of those who visited the popular lighting industry hangout. Chris Lose, the LD who programmed this crowning glory, sat down with us to share some insights into his brand of mapping magic.
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Today and Chauvet

When The Today Show kicked off a new concert series with a new sponsor, it wanted to make a big impression. So it invited superstar Selena Gomez to perform on a redesigned stage and asked LD Peter Greenbaum to create an appropriately eye-popping design. Greenbaum built a massive wall with Nexus 4x4 panels put some Next NXT-1 moving fixtures around it and created a magical look.
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Video Insights
Great Gobo Morphing

Want to create some novel new looks without investing in new gear? The answer may be right inside your current lighting fixtures, or more precisely in their gobo wheels. In this video our own Mike Graham shows how you can use gobo morphing to open a world of new creative possibilities.
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Number One
Meet The COLORado 1 Solo

Oh Solo Mio My! Everyone will be singing the praises of our new COLORado 1 Solo IP65-rated wash. This IP-65 rated fixture breaks new ground in wash lighting, starting with its single source RGBW LED and 9-72° zoom. The output of this aptly named fixture appears as a single beam rather than a collection of fixtures.
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