Butch Allen: Barrier Free Lighting

Playing it safe isn’t Butch Allen’s style. The 2014 Parnelli Award-winning Lighting Designer of the Year has always been ready to stick his creative neck out and take a leap into the great unknown of untried design concepts – all while laughing off the risks with his wonderfully irrepressible (and sometimes irreverent) sense of humor. Butch’s boldness has paid off, as his numerous awards and association with superstars from Usher to Kelly Clarkson attest. Catching up with Butch between design projects, we got to talk to him about humor, music, technology, vegetable gardening and, oh yeah, lighting too. Enjoy!
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The Art Of Collaboration

Knowing how to collaborate is an important skill for every LD in our technology-driven world. However, few designers have as much interest in collaboration as Rachel Miller and James Schipper. This happy couple not only lights up one another’s lives, they also illuminate a lot of other things through their work at Kinetic Lighting, where James serves as vice president and chief lighting designer and Rachel is an accomplished LD. We asked the pair to share their insights into collaboration.
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Video Insights On Beam Palettes

Want to manage gobos, zooms, prisms and other looks more effectively? It starts with creating the right beam palettes. Our own Jim Hutchison explains how creating beam palettes will make it easier to add more cool effects to your show. Jim offers detailed tips on making beam palettes for everything from gobo focus to prism rotation speed and much more.
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Wolfpack Goes Rogue

North Carolina State, home of the famed Wolfpack sports teams, is out in front of the pack when it comes to supporting the Special Olympics. A popular part of the event this year was the Run Dance Glow after party featuring performances by popular DJs on a stage that popped with a collection of Rogue R2 Washes and COLORado 2-Quad Zoom Tour fixtures.
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Mini Marvel - The Ovation Min-E-10WW

Austin Powers has “Mini-Me,’ now we’d like to introduce you to Ovation’s “Mini My Oh My!” The new Min-E-10WW is a compact version of our award-winning Ovation E-190WW. Less than half the size and one fifth the weight of its big brother, our new Min-E-10WW produces the flat, even field of warm white light that the industry has come to expect from Ovation, while also delivering all the advantages of LED technology.
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