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Barrett Hall
Unfolding Light

A good lighting designer should always leave a trick or two in the back pocket, believes New York LD Barrett Hall. Having your design unfold in steps by unveiling a new look here, focusing on a different architectural element there, while adding an unexpected color change along the way keeps people engaged. If lighting is indeed a narrative, then Hall has told his light stories at some of The Big Apple’s most fabled attractions and events, from the United Nations, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to the NHL Draft. He graciously took the time to share insights gained along the way.
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Chauvet Zombie Slayer

This isn’t real...this isn’t real...this isn't real...Visitors to Adventure Combat Ops in Las Vegas can keep telling themselves that, but eventually doubt creeps in, thanks in part to the frightening looks created by Steve Hansel of XS Entertainment using STRIKE 882 Strobes and some of our other fixtures. Check out this on-the-scene video we took and you’ll know what we mean.
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Video Insights
New In Art-Net

Art-Net has been around for some time, but recently it’s undergone some profound changes. A new generation of Unicast Art-Net has arrived on the scene allowing data to be transmitted more efficiently than was possible with the earlier Broadcast mode. Our own Sam Bowden, explains how Unicast packets work and what they can mean to your designs.
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Next Level Uplighting

Uplighting is easy, especially with new battery-powered wireless fixtures like those in our WELL Series. However, sometimes being easy can keep something from reaching its full potential. This is why we asked Matthew Beauchamp to share some insights into uplighting. We’ve always been impressed with the thoughtfulness and balance that this Canadian LD brings to uplighting some of Ontario’s most popular venues and we believe that you will be too.
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In The Lime Light

A dash of lime doesn’t just make food and beverages more refreshing; it can also contribute to the performance of LED ellipsoidal fixtures, especially when it comes to rendering rich colors and creating brighter whites. Ford Sellers, senior product manager of CHAUVET Professional, explains how lime works its magic in the new Ovation E-910FC RGBA+ Lime fixture that was introduced at LDI.
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Hard Driving Intensity

The Hard Drive Live Fallout Tour delivered an ear-shattering no-holds-barred onslaught of sound. What better way to accompany this performance by We Came As Romans and All That Remains than with eye piecing light from an array of pixel mapped Nexus Aw 7x7 panels.
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