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Koert Vermeulen Lighting and Life

Koert Vermeulen Lighting and Life

Koert Vermeulen’s most prominent current lighting design is his breathtaking illumination of Expo Milano's Tree of Life, a sweeping 121' tall structure inspired by Michelangelo. The connection between Vermeulen and the 16th century master is fitting, since the Belgium LD is himself a Renaissance man of lighting. How else to describe a designer who's illuminated everything from the Champs-Élysées to edgy techno festivals? Speaking to us from his ACT Lighting Design office in Brussels, Vermeulen talked about his diverse mix of projects and the perspective it gives him on lighting and life. Enjoy.
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Lighting Insights

Video Insights - Creating Environmental Lighting

Simulating natural light on stage doesn’t come naturally. It’s the result of careful planning and the adroit use of front, side, back and top lighting. Mike Graham walks us through the process of creating realistic daytime and nighttime lighting on stage, including sharing tips on using breakup gobos to simulate shadows.
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A Lesson In LEDs

A Lesson In LEDs

Officially Bill Nelson is the president and owner of Nelson Enterprises in Bloomsbury, NJ. Unofficially, he can be considered LED stage lighting's ambassador to secondary and elementary schools. At a time when many in the industry are wondering how to reach educators with the LED message, Nelson has been converting schools to the new lighting technology with regularity. It hasn't been a walk in the park; Nelson routinely faces challenges and rejection, but he's learned some invaluable lessons about school theaters and LED lighting along the way.
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Nexus and Knopfler Dire Straits Legend Tours With Aw 7x7 Panels

Nexus and Knopfler
Dire Straits Legend Tours With Aw 7x7 Panels

Award-winning stage lighting designer Mark Henderson was hired to create a warm theatrical look for Mark Knopfler's 80-plus-city North American and European tour. Henderson designed his innovative rig around a collection of 22 Nexus Aw 7x7 LED panels to marry scenery and lighting, while bathing the Sultans of Swing star in warm and inviting "tungsten looking" LED lighting.
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In Focus A Fresh Look At Video Walls

In Focus
A Fresh Look At Video Walls

Have questions about pixel pitch or NITS? Want to know the difference between our MVP and PVP video series? Ford Sellers, CHAUVET Professional Senior Product Manager, has answers. Ford walks us through the nuances of video panel design and offers advice on matching video solutions to different projects. He also helps make sense of our product name alphabet.
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