Michael Veerkamp: Adventures In Lighting

Renowned game show LD Michael Veerkamp always manages to bring a fresh sense of exuberance to his designs, whether it’s by creating big swoops and stadium looks on the set of Family Game Night, or coming up with new chase sequences for Bet On Your Baby . Maybe that’s why he’s been one of the most in-demand network TV lighting designers for a long time. Veerkamp sat down with us to offer some serious insights into keeping the fun in your designs even under the pressure of tight production schedules.
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Trussing Magic

Been to an EDM festival lately? You’ve probably been as jaw-dropped and awe struck as we were by the overwhelmingly powerful truss designs created by Todd Roberts of Visions Lighting. The California LD has an uncanny ability to turn the night sky into a giant truss canvas painted with intense and dazzling light, either by himself or another designer. Roberts talked to us about the interplay of truss and light and the unique magic they create together.
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Video Insights on Professional Decorum

An eye for design, a sense of color, technical skills… all are important to becoming a successful lighting designer, but beyond these hardcore performance attributes, there are also more subtle personality traits that contribute to the making of a good LD. This video takes a look at how things like the ability to listen and think on your feet, punctuality and people skills can all have an impact on your career.
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Brotherly Love

Check out the Legend 330SR Spot fixtures at this Avett Brothers performance. When another pair of siblings, Jeremy and Keith Harold, arrived to light this appearance by the Grammy-nominated Avetts, they were given eight Legend 330SR Spots that the promoter had rented from another cross rental house. The Harolds had never worked with a Legend fixture before, but they were so impressed by the performance of the 330SR that they promptly sold other fixtures they owned to make room for the Legends in their rental inventory.
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House Mix

House lighting just took a giant step into the future with the introduction of our Ovation H-105WW. This flicker-free silent operating COB LED house light produces a flat even field that makes it well suited for lighting theaters, houses of worship, schools and other venues. We’ve also included four different interchangeable lenses with this fixture so it can adjust easily to different mounting heights.
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