Christian Hibbard: Creating Moments With Light

Being lighting designer at Jimmy Kimmel Live has proven to be a perfect fit for Christian Hibbard. Like the popular TV program he lights, Hibbard has always been unafraid to take creative chances in the hope of capturing fresh new ideas. This quality has earned him the widespread respect of his peers as well as two Emmy Award nominations. It also led him to contribute to a major change in the way the industry views broadcast lighting. In this interview, the Los Angeles-based LD talked to us about his distinctive approach to lighting.
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Video Insights On Aerial Effects

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane…. no it’s super cool aerial effects created by Jim Hutchison! In this video, Jim shows us how to create the kind of exciting aerial looks that take any show higher.
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The Elements Of Event Lighting

Think event lighting doesn’t go beyond bread-and-butter par cans? Think again! Dan Cohen of Uplyte, Inc. in Dania Beach, FL has attracted an impressive following among Fortune 500 companies, A-list celebrities and other clients for event lighting that includes pixel mapping and audience blinders. However, don’t go shipping your concert rig to a corporate conference just yet. As Cohen explains, event lighting may include a lot more eye candy than in the past, but it still has a unique set of rules.
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Nexus Shines At Sunset

The Sunset Music Festival, the first-ever EDM fest held in New South Wales, Australia, got off to a brilliant start, thanks in large part to some stunning visuals produced by an array of Nexus 4x4 LED panels on stage. Hung on multi-tiered truss under a curved stage roof, the panels created an intense light field. Check out the photos in this article to see what we mean.
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Fog and Color Converge

CHAUVET® Professional’s new Vesuvio RGB lends a new captivating twist to atmospheric effects, combining the allure of fog with the richness of RGBA color mixing. This LED fixture produces voluminous bursts of fog and mixes it with dazzling RGBA hues to create a sight that adds intrigue and depth to any design.
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