Lee Rose: Balancing Light

Ever turn on a TV? Then you’ve probably seen Lee Rose’s work. Twice nominated for Emmy Awards, the legendary designer has illuminated some of the most popular programs of all time, from Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve to Larry King Live to Chelsea Lately. Rose’s work has won widespread acclaim for its depth and spot-on colors. We were happy to catch up with this busy LD recently and honored that he agreed to share his insights with us on balancing the multiple demands of broadcast lighting.
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Pixel Mapping Steps Up With Darien Koop

This young Nashville LD has taken pixel mapping to new heights - quite literally, being part of the team that pixel mapped the Empire State Building. Koop views his work as creating a “cohesive canvas” of visuals, and pixel mapping as a glowing new paint that makes his canvas pop! In this interview, he talked about his pixel mapping methods and explained why he believes this new technology is changing the face of lighting.
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Water + Light @ H2 Hombre

Talk about creating an “immersive experience.” This one-of-a-kind show immerses audiences in 6,000 gallons of water, making them part of the action with 3D video mapping, monstrous inflatables and epic mythical battles, all illuminated by 70 COLORado 4 IP Quad-Color LED linear bars and a collection of 16 Q-Wash moving yoke LED fixtures. Read the story and check out the incredible photos.
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Video Insights on the creative Use of GOBOs

Everyone uses gobos, but are you really getting the maximum effect out of them? Jim Hutchison offers some insightful tips on how to have more fun with gobos while adding an extra depth and excitement to your lightshow.
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RGBW Color Washes Go Rogue

That’s right, we’ve added two new fixtures to our wildly popular Rogue Series: the Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash. True Rogues in every sense of the word, these newcomers offer a plethora of features and a level of performance that defies expectations at their price point.
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