Joshua Hutchings: Lighting Imagination

The career of an LD can begin in many different ways. For Joshua Hutchings it started at age 12 with a crush on a girl and has since gone on to include an Emmy Award for American Idol plus three Emmy nominations. Hutchings took time out from his work on America’s Got Talent in New York to share his thoughts with us on the interplay between lighting and imagination. Enjoy.
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Video Insights On Mastering Color

We deal with light, which in many respects is like saying we deal in colors. Along with the brightness, intensity and movement of our fixtures, color is the thing that moves audiences. In this first of a two-part video, Jim deconstructs colors and looks at their impact on people.
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Pixel Mapping With Sohail e. Najafi

The second in our series of pixel mapping articles features this highly regarded LA-based LD, who attracted widespread attention this summer for his pixel mapped Nexus panels on the Rx Bandit Gemini Her Majesty Tour. Najafi shares his unique perspective on pixel mapping, from selling it to clients to using it to break creative barriers in design.
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Firestone Live! Comes Alive

The Crystal Method, Sasha & Digweed, Paul Van Dyk, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg and Ice-T, among other heavyweights, performed at this legendary club, which is located in an 86-year-old former tire factory in Orlando The time had come to update its look, though, and a design team from Complete Production Resources and Impulse Creative Group did this in spectacular fashion use a variety of Chauvet fixtures.
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Compact & Complete

The New COLORado 1-Quad Zoom Tour proves once again that good things can indeed come in small packages. The new PAR-style unit offers the same premium features that made the original COLORado 2-Quad Zoom Tour so popular, but in a size that meets the needs of smaller productions and venues.
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The Chauvet Arena

BMP and Pro two UK shows under the same roof draw visitors from the professional and DJ lighting worlds. Sure they often view things from different perspectives, but if there’s one thing these visitors share in common it’s an appreciation for dynamic lightshows, which is why they flock to the Chauvet Arena. Check out this report from Mark Walsh, sales director of BPM and Pro, with its action shots from the arena, and you’ll see why.
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