Daniel Boland: Uncompromising Light

Lighting Designer for Eminem... Lighting Director of The Voice...Emmy Award winner... Dan Boland has hit all the high notes an LD could hope for in a career. The “secret” to this Hawaii-born LD’s success is really no secret at all; his accomplishments have been the result of hard work, talent, more hard work, and a relentless focus on his vision for each and every project. Boland sat down with us to share his ideas on design and the importance of remaining true to your own vision. Enjoy.
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Video Insights On Creating Colors

Why do complementary color schemes make your designs more engaging? How do monochromatic colors work together? And by the way, what is an analogous color group? Jim Hutchison provides answers to these and other questions in his inimitable and colorful fashion in the second of his two-part Mastering Color video series.
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Nexus MGK

Our intense COB LED panels help red-hot rapper Machine Gun Kelly sizzle on stage during his 40-city No Class Tour with Limp Bizkit. LD Alex Kay tells us how he used the Nexus, along with a collection of strobes and aerial effects, to create towers of lighting power that accented the rapper’s performance.
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Lighting Laughter

It doesn’t matter where you live, if your town has more than three traffic lights it probably has a comedy club or two. Not quite theaters and not nightclubs, these venues have a unique set of needs when it comes to lighting. Richard Rutherford, the LD who illuminated the world famous Hollywood Improv, shares some tips on comedy club lighting.
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Rogue RH1 Hybrid

It’s a beam and a spot – but mainly it’s a Rogue! Check out the new multi-use Rogue RH1 Hybrid, a new mover that combines a powerful beam and spot effect in one compact unit. Amazingly versatile, the newest member of our Rogue family can produce a tight beam angle of 1°-4.5° in the Beam Mode, and a Zoom angle of 5°-19° in Spot Mode, for an array of beam size options.
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