Patrick Woodroffe:
Taking A "Fascinating Journey" In Light

From lighting and directing productions for musical icons like the Rolling Stones to being the LD for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, Patrick Woodroffe has accomplished just about everything imaginable in his career. As impressive as it is however, this portfolio doesn't tell the whole story. Behind these achievements is Woodroffe’s ongoing commitment to seeking out new ways to weave light, color and darkness into his designs. The legendary LD talked about his creative quest with us.
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Video Insights On Pixel Mapping

Truss takes on new life as a living, breathing, eye-popping entity when it’s outfitted with pixel mapped fixtures. Jim Hutchison shows you how to add a whole new dimension to your show by sprinkling a little pixel mapping magic on truss.
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Church Lighting Is Different

Embarking on a church project? Greg Persinger of Vivid Illumination (Nashville, TN) has some advice: pack a fresh perspective. Although it shares many things in common with theatrical work, church lighting is its own distinct entity with a unique set of needs. Persinger, who's worked on over 75 major church projects, explains in this informative interview.
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Legends Lighting Legends
Chauvet, Santana and Buddy Guy

You really can't put together an all-time list of the greatest guitarists without including Carlos Santana and Buddy Guy. So, we were honored when LD Derek Iorfida selected our Legend 230SR Beams to provide some intense lighting punch to an outdoor concert featuring these two icons.
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Expanding Pixel Possibilities
The New NEXT™ NXT-1 Moving Head

If you're looking to open new creative possibilities with pixel mapping (and who isn't?), then check out our new NEXT NXT-1, a pixel-mapping panel with 25 Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, that combines fast pan/tilt movement with a tight 6° beam angle for brilliant in-motion "eye candy" displays
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